Dating : Laying off

Dating : Laying off

So when I’m messaging a girl who’s messaging me back on tinder I mean is it a bad idea to not respond for a day or something so they gain more interest. I’m just trying to figure out what women like more but idk if it’s the right tactic. I usually wouldn’t do this but if it works I don’t see why not

What do you think?


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  1. Laying off could make her lose interest. No point in changing up your response style now unless you’re genuinely busy.. I would say it’s a bad idea because when men do that to me I assume it’s on purpose and they’re setting the tone to be less serious because they’re less interested

  2. For some people, responding too fast displays too much interest. For some, responding too slow displays a lack of interest. Playing the tactical game instead of doing what you want to do is generally a bad idea, as we’re not very good at predicting strangers’ mindsets.

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