Dating : long distance hook up into a relationship?

Dating : long distance hook up into a relationship?

I am a female in my early 20s. Last summer, I met this guy who was from out of town and ended up going home with him. We stayed in contact after that, I visited his city another time (to see a friend) and spent a lot of time with him. Over the last year, we have stayed in contact. Nothing too serious, but definitely talking a few times every week or two.

Recently, I saw him again as he was in again. We spent a lot of time together outside of us hooking up and both admitted that we liked each other and he told me he was looking to settle down (marriage) soon as he is about 5 years older than I am. We discussed the possibility of seeing each other again soon and us possibly ending up in the same city in the nearer future. I am not sure how to take this conversation, and I am sure he is casually dating a lot of girls in his current city and most of his instagram followers and likers are beautiful women.

I know that I really like this guy and have not met anyone else over the past year who has made me forget about him. I mentioned coming to visit him and he seemed into the idea, but should I try to actually pursue this, or do you think he is just telling me what he thinks I want to hear?

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