Dating : Male 23 Female 21 Mixed signals

Dating : Male 23 Female 21 Mixed signals

So I feel like I can’t get over this girl right now. Basically what happened was I was invited to a nightclub in westport and went over to my freinds house. Through them I met another freind, I talked with her when we got there because we showed up early before the club opened. The place was amazing, great lighting, music, expensive drinks, bank vault door 1000$ tables. I danced with her, grinded was fun and excited and then went home and we cuddled and she took a liking to me.

I woke up later that morning and she would show me all kinds of affection blurping me, licking me, pretending to steal my nose, poking, flicking, blowing. We played these games and i honestly thought it was adorable. I went home and proceeded to hang out with her later that same night, I cuddled her, she let me be very feely and touch her boobs and asked me if i was having fun so i told her that i was. Later on that week, we went to see a movie, cuddled the whole time and it was great, every time i had seen her 3 times she had told me how much of a great night she had had and was always very affectionate, felt like a really good date.

I liked her, because she was funny nice and we had things in common. We ended up smoking on thursday night and it got really hot, almost had sex in her car but was too messed up, so i ended up going back to my freinds place cuddling her boob touching, pussy touching, she liked it but told me to stop so i stopped.

2nd Weekend my two freinds birthday, she was there about 2 days later, I brought a bottle of whiskey and we all got buzzed before we even made it down to the bar. she was being super affectionate and i was licking her all over the place because she was doing it to me. Before i even got down to the bar things escalated quickly, she was grabbing my cock then got more and more drunk and we were dancing hard she was grabbing my ass my cock and i was making out with her in the club while we danced really hard. I got back and she passed out. Woke up the next day with more affection and kissing.

Well all this had happened and i found out that she had got into trouble i wasnt really up to speed on what this meant. (Known her 3 weeks) so in the span of a week all that happened, the 2nd week she had surgery on her ovaries last week due to a cyst. and this week on monday was gunna hang out with me and jalen, but he was upset because our mutual freind who was a little edgy that he liked and she liked him had said she couldnt be best friends anymore cause her boyfreinds in the military and she caved and exaggerated it all.

Tuesday i found out that her boyfriend didnt really want her seeing me. so i tried to stop talking. She talked to me every day since we met pretty much.

Friday I was gunna go over to their place with one of my best freinds with our mutual freind whos also freinds with the girl that was all over me. He said that my freind had to reschedule because she couldnt be around me. Me being a little bit enamored and emotional with everything thats happened and the sudden lack of it. I was a bit annoyed and she had already had a bad day at work.

Basically this whole thing culminated in me saying that this is silly and my other freind has to reschedule our plans, but unfortunately she didnt really wanna talk about it, me being pissed told her maybe i shouldnt be freinds with her until her boyfreind isnt upset with me.

Now I am trying to take a break from the situation because she has cut contact with me.I think that I am heavily infatuated because of the suddenness and excitement of the whole situation, and now I miss that because it happened so quick and went away quickly

How can I get past my feelings for her? She has a boyfreind and I accept that, I wish it was more clear but it is what it is.

More importantly now, I want her to know that i respect that, I beleive that this situation is that she has feelings for me, that she cant act on and cant me around me because she’s afraid of losing control.

I want to distance myself from this infatuation, and then come back around to being freinds with her because despite all the hot and heavy stuff we actually have alot in common. She is also mutual freinds with several of my freinds and hangs out at my freinds place regularly which is 3 minutes away.

Ive tried asking her about the affection and she says shes just a very affectionaate person. I feel almost as if I need to be the one to put the breaks on her.

Even If it isn’t really my fault how can I make her feel ok in this situation, I think honestly a break from seeing her is not a bad thing until i can get over these feelings. But at the same time I don’t want to lose a friend over something silly like I like you so i cant see you.

How can I resolve this, so that she is ok with seeing me, but we are just clear freinds so long as she has a boyfreind, the level of intimicy she gave me left me very infatuated and I cannot have that intimacy if im not with her or able to act on what im feeling.

How can I make sure that I get over these feelings and don’t get wrapped up in anything that I cant have. I want to respect her position.

I am really frustrated with this whole situation, but I want to make sure that im able to handle it the best i can.

TLDR; meet girl via freind visit nightclub, she tells me how cute I am and develops a thing for me, she licks me, pokes me, blows on me, blurps me and cuddles me. Later i see her again, there is boob touching, then i go to movie 3rd time, 4th time we smoke and i touch boobs and vag and she’s liking it then asks me to stop so i stop, fall asleep and then we go to club 5th time hanging with her in like a week, where she proceeds to grab my cock and ass and we make out. I become heavily infatuated with her, she talked to me almost every day for almost 3 weeks. This was week one, week two she had to go to the hospital because of a ovarian cyst. every time we hungout she’d basically tell me she loved me and make it feel like a date. 3rd week Apparently her BF was still upset because of the club and she cant see me. try to make plans with another freind and cuts contact, but she is in my freind group. Im trying to give her some space but my freinds are now talking about clubbing and im afraid this issue will drive a wedge between us. She never told me she had a bf before but I can respect her and try not to get close, I beleive she feels like she or I will lose control, since we almost had sex. I Want to get over these feelings and just be freinds. Even though its not my fault, she lost control, what I do to make her feel better? She’s best freinds with my freind jalen that i hangout with on the weekends, Im trying to distance myself for about 2 weeks.

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  1. You dodged a bullet with her. If she was willing to go that far with you, yet all the while she has a bf, imagine what it would be like if *you* were to be her bf. Do you think she would behave any differently? Nope, I don’t think so. All the best with moving on

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