Dating : me and my crush, i need some advice

Dating : me and my crush, i need some advice

so i’ve been talking to this girl for like a week or so now and i think she’s losing interest. we ride the same bus and i always sit with her now and we have good conversations and stuff. she’s a pretty girl and i’m a good looking dude so i don’t feel like there’s a problem there, i think i’m not being “bold” enough or just making a move yet. i gave her a hug today and i was nervous and i’ve never felt like this before with girls cause i use to be kinda a hoe and i actually like this girl and i can’t seem to move faster in our “relationship”. schools about to end and i wanna be more flirty i guess you can say, how can i flirt with her and get her interest back up????

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  1. From my perspective (f17) the best way to spark interest again would be to spend more time with her! If you have any mutual friends, arrange a night to all go roller skating or bowling together. It won’t feel so much like a date so there’s less pressure, but you can still be with her for the whole night/evening & spark up some good conversation. Make sure to show you’re interested in her too. Compliment her outfit or her hair or something that she’s good at (like drawing or playing a sport/instrument). But if you’ve already showed interest and spend a decent amount of time with her, no amount of flattery is going to make her like you. Sometimes the interest is just there, and sometimes it just isn’t. Best of luck 🙂

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