Dating : Meeting others who like video games

Dating : Meeting others who like video games

One of my hobbies and passions is playing video games. It’s something that I’d like to share with someone if I can. I’d rather meet someone in person and I want some advice on how I can meet other fans of video games. Now, I work a full time job so school clubs aren’t an option for me. But I have weekends free unless I have overtime. There is a tabletop game club that I’m apart of but I don’t think it’ll necessarily also attract video game fans (it’s *just* for tabletop games). I like tabletop games, however. Also, the place also attracts older people than I (I’m 24M) and I’m not interested in becoming close friends with older people.

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  1. There’s a place near me called Play ‘N’ Trade where you can buy games but also play them on a big screen TV. Maybe something like that? Not sure how popular the place is though. Also, there are also a lot of tournaments nowadays. Except I do believe it’s usually men involved in those.

    I’m a female who plays video games and I’ve made friends with a lot of guys just by talking on the mic. You could always try that and maybe see if there are any women in your area playing, but it’s a longshot.

    Last thing I can think of would be some sort of community Facebook page. There honestly aren’t a lot of ways to meet people who like video games. But believe me, there are tons of gamer girls out there.

  2. So…I feel like I have won the lottery because I’m dating a super super cute, nerdy, video game girl. She is actually a video game developer and works for a small company here in south Florida while she works on a personal game project, and applies to big game studios.

    My recommendation would be to look for video game bars/venues. Alot of times when we go out, once a week or so, we end up at tenth level ltavern. It serves drinks and has probably 40+ TVs hooked up to various game consoles. On our first date she took me and proceeded to kick my ass in smash brothers (I’m an xbox guy). Outside of that I would look and see if theres any video game clubs on meetup, and also check if theres and video game developers around your area. If so you might have some luck going out around those places? I know here work people all go out most Friday nights and hit up the same bar and are basically regulars. If you’ve tried online dating dont just put « video games » in your profile. I would put a game or two that you enjoy. I have also found the majority of girls that are into gaming are also into anime of some sort, so keep your eye out..

    They do exsist! But they arent juat goin to fall into your lap. If you wanna date someone with specific interests like this you gotta be ok with it taking time. Also do not compromise on other things or ignore red flags just because they game! It’s hard but be smart.

  3. I am a gamer girl (25F), can confirm we exist. Maybe try going to anime conventions in the area? I am not necessarily a big anime fan but I know that is where I will find like minded folks.

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