Dating : My new boyfriend is upset at me because he wants to see me this weekend

Dating : My new boyfriend is upset at me because he wants to see me this weekend

I met this nice guy from plenty of fish and we hit off great but since I’m a single mom of 2 girls ages 4 and 9 years old and I can’t afford a babysitter and my ex boyfriend is working on weekends and I asked him can he watch the girls for me and he rudely said hell no I’m tired so my date is getting upset that we don’t see each other and he said he if this happens more often he’s starting to lose interest in me I don’t know what to do and he knows my situation I will show you what he said

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  1. First off, imho, walk away. You’ve done Nothing wrong.

    Be thankful that you’re finding out early that they are that insecure or not interested in having kids. Dave yourself from deeper heartache down the road.

    This doesn’t sound like this person gets you at all. Dating someone with children isn’t for everyone. I realize everyone is different but unless you have kids yourself it’s hard to ‘Truly Get It’. Promise in not trying to make it about me, but my kids come first always. Sometimes that means canceling plans or not making them and sometimes it’s a matter of planning around them but it’s still too always be there for them.

    Stay true to you and what you Actually need, someone who gets you the whole person and loves you for it. You deserve it.

    I wish you all the best. You seem like a great mom.

  2. He’s manipulating you and trying to make you feel like the bad guy so he can get what he wants. If he was really into you, he would’ve offered to babysit the kids WITH you

  3. I don’t know what to do and this is my first time ever dated someone else because I never been with anyone else besides my ex boyfriend I been with my ex for 14 years

  4. It doesn’t sound like he realizes what it’s like to date someone with kids. You have to put your kids first. I’ve dated people with children before. Sometimes dates get cancelled or rescheduled, that’s just how that goes.

  5. I’d say, ok bye. The kids come first always. This seems like they’re of person that will complain if you have to leave the date because something happened with the kids, aka the kids are sick or babysitter backs out. You don’t need this stress. Dating is not that important in the end. Your kids rely on you.

  6. The advices being given here are very dengerous and will keep you single for life.
    You are a human being with emotions and just because there is a disagreement between you two doesn’t mean you walk away.
    Talk to him about it in a very practical and matured way and find out how to deal with this as you have kids to take care and he wants to see you more.
    Always remember if a guy wants to see you more it means he likes you.
    It might be true that he is a bad apple but no one here has a right to judge him because we do not have enough data.
    Only you will know what he is and what should you do.
    The only two things to work out a relationship is a genuine desire for each other & a desire to work it out when it gets tough.
    Believe me there is no perfect soulmate out there for you or anyone but only human beings which comes with flaws.
    So take advices here with a grain of salt as no one knows the situation like you do.

    Best of luck to you

  7. Update: I told him via text message I tried to call him but he never picks up the phone or I tell him to call me so anywho I told him how I felt about that text message he send me and i believe he blocked me or just don’t care anymore. Because I just noticed that he can go for hours not talking to me and ignore my texts but if I send myself picture of me looking nice he will respond ASAP. Yes I told him it’s over and I don’t ever want to see him again

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