Dating : I keep dating men that can’t stay hard

Dating : I keep dating men that can’t stay hard

I’m not sure why this keeps happening to me, but the guys I’ve dated and tried to sleep with end up not being able to keep an erection. This has happened with 4 out of the 5 guys I’ve been with. If it wasn’t so frequent, I’d think it was them, but now I’m wondering if there’s something I’m doing to be seen as unattractive. Furthermore, they don’t stay after our failed attempt at sex, they usually just become distant and end things when I ask them where we stand. I’ve always let them know it’s ok that we didn’t have sex, and when I’ve asked if it was something I did they said it wasn’t. But It’s strange that it has been such a frequent occurrence for me. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it me or them that’s the issue?

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  1. I’ve had serious bed problems as well and always feel extremely shitty about it. Going forward I will have to tell women that I like to keep my underwear on for awhile (I think the pressure of it will help a lot). I will also mention that alcohol makes it a thousand times harder (pun not intended) to be in the mood.

    Edit: And like that other comment, porn addiction is a real thing and seriously affects it as well.

  2. Honestly, I would not discount the potential that you are contributing through looks, actions, scent, etc. Hard to tell without knowing what you look like.

  3. Seems odd that people are jumping to blame porn when the only info we have is the common denominator. I mean how’s your hygiene? Do you keep your room tidy? I mean they say you did nothing but lots of guys will keep their mouth shut to avoid upsetting women. I just find it unlikely that you’d get 4 guys with ED in a row(not impossible I suppose buy definitely improbable). Most guys watch porn every time they masturbate, which I know for me is almost every day, and the only time I ever had trouble cumming was the very first time I ever had sex. I stayed hard, but was too nervous to cum, but the next day we did it again and I had no problem.

  4. Dudes today have porn brain and if real life sex doesn’t match up with those expectations you’ll get failed erections even if they are physiologically aroused in every other aspect.

  5. I think it’s porn addiction and death grip from masturbating too much. It’s very common among younger men. I and my other attractive friends have run into the same issue with guys sometimes. I don’t think it’s your looks because if someone finds you attractive with clothes on they’ll find you attractive with them off unless you look completely different, which I don’t think you would.

  6. You might be unattractive. That’s a possibility. Not to be combative but it’s a possibility. But they would have known that before sex.

    Do you smell? Smell your panties next time you take them off and see if there is some unholy odor coming from them that maybe these guys are just too nice to tell you (Most guys aren’t so rude that they would tell you that you stink to your face).

    What are you doing before sex? Are you throwing back 8 shots of vodka with him and just picking up guys at a bar? That’s also an issue. Alcohol and erections don’t mix very well.

  7. The one time that I’ve ever had trouble staying hard because of a woman was not because she was unattractive, but because she was star fishing. Just laid there, expected me to do all the work.

    Like do you get into it? Would you describe sex as something that happens to you or rather something you participate in?

  8. I think people in this post are coming at it from the wrong angle

    I too also dont think its you. A lot of guys have erection problems. Sometimes it’s nervousness. Sometimes the parts dont fit well

    Guys deal with body shame too but dont talk about it much with anyone. Its really embarrassing thats probably why they ghost.

    Its like being seen in an extraordinarily weak position. If they arent used to it it can devastate the ego

    Sometimes it takes being with a person a while to feel comfortable. But no one has time for that these days. First impressions and all that bs

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