Dating : Need Advice On A Guy I Like

Dating : Need Advice On A Guy I Like

There’s this guy I really like and we have been getting to know eachother for a few months. We’ve met twice and the interactions have gone really great. The only thing is he is a really bad texter and has gotten worse as time has progressed. He was fine in the beginning. We have discussed it and he says it’s because he’s bad at communicating via text and would much rather interact with me in person (we are a train journey away from eachother, so can’t see eachother all the time u know) and that he’s worried he will sound like a broken record, but obviously if this were to turn into a real thing, it would be long distance and how are we supposed to maintain a relationship with little online interaction.

Obviously not texting can show a lack of interest, but I genuinely believe he does like me, through the things he said (and telling me he does) and the way he treated me in person. Idk what to do, I have very mixed feelings and part of me says I should end it, but a part of me really likes him, thinks he’s great and I want to fight for this. He promised he’d try text more but he hasn’t, and if you like someone anyway it should come natural, you WANT to text them, you find TIME to text them no matter how busy you are (he has work and college) ugh idk what to do :(.

The last time he text me, he didn’t reply for 23hours and I haven’t replied to him since. I don’t wanna be waiting by the phone all the time. I make up excuses for him because I know he’s busy and he’s said before sometimes he can’t always respond in the moment, but at the same time how is this gonna work if it turns into a real thing ahhhhj 🙁 help

EDIT: he says if we manage to hold on for five months, his dad works for a train company and he’ll be able to get free travel HAHAHA

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  1. I’m not one to jump to this but I’m wondering if he is married or taken.

    My bf isn’t a big texter at all he is an extremely busy person and his job is dangerous.

    I definitely understand bad texters.

    But 23 hours is very long time but still he is busy so we can even excuse that. However it is early on in the relationship he should be a bit more engaged and not so complacent also he being far away is worrying that he would wait a day to respond. It is a bit suspicious to me.

    Also you’ve only seen him twice he could easily be hiding a whole life from you.

    Not saying I’m sure but it did occur to me that something else might be going on.

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