Dating : Need advice on how to approach this girl

Dating : Need advice on how to approach this girl

I’ve been talking to this girl since last fall. We barely spoke the first time we met but the second time we were both really drunk and talked a lot. We ended up sleeping in the same bed together, no sex but we did kiss for a bit. We were both still feeling butterflies for the first week and talked about hanging out but we never got a chance to.

Fast forward a few months I ask her out a few times but get ghosted/something comes up every time. I asked her out 3 times I believe and on 2 other occasions I didn’t even get a chance because she just randomly stopped responding. Eventually I decided she’s not interested as well as others I’ve asked.

Then one day out of the blue she invites me to a small get together at her place similar to the night we kissed. At first I didn’t think much of it. I figured sure I’ll show up get drunk, eat, then go home. She invited some of my friends too. Now that the day is coming closer I find out my friends are showing up late. I’m also not sure if I should show up late with them or show up on my own.

I’m not sure how I should dress either. At first I figured I’d throw on whatever but now I’m thinking I should probably put some effort since I assume her family will be there too. I don’t know if I should go expecting to just get free food and drinks or if I should go with the belief that she’s kinda into me.

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  1. Second paragraph is the meat and potatoes with this post. So she ignores multiple messages from you. Ghosts you. Then weeks later she hits you up and invites you to social gathering. Why would you even respond, much less go after she acted like an ass? Have some self-respect and ignore her.

  2. She just views you as a friend….seems like whenever you’re together, it’s with others around. Basically ignores you when you ask her out.

  3. Most likely possibility: She’s not into you but she likes having you as an orbiter, and there will be a dude she likes more than you at her little get together thing she’s having and you will see her interact with him and you will feel sad.

    Recommended: show up to her party and basically just ignore her. Flirt with her non-chubby friends, eat a bunch of food, get some free drinks, and leave without saying goodbye or thanks.

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