Dating : Need Advice On This. Amazing in Person Dates but Horrible Texting

Dating : Need Advice On This. Amazing in Person Dates but Horrible Texting

Hi all, I really need help on this one.

I was setup with someone, and we’ve had a few incredible dates so far. There are no dry spells, we enjoy each others company, and overall the dates have gone amazing. We have even hooked up. There is just one major issue, the texting.

This has been going on from the beginning. She sometimes takes 24+ hours to respond. I have never dealt with this before, and it gives me major anxiety. Based off the in person interaction, it is incredible, however, the lack of responsiveness on text is hard. It makes it seem like she’s not interested. She has apologized many times for being a shitty texter, however, I’ve never dealt with anything like this before. Part of me thinks I’m overthinking it, because she is still down to hang out even after she takes forever to respond. Or maybe there are just other people in the picture. However, it is really hard to plan stuff and almost impossible to carry a conversation over text. She has mentioned she has anxiety with making plans, so perhaps that is it. I just have never dealt with this before and want some advice.

However, I recently tried to plan another date and she hasn’t responded in 3 days. It is just really hard to read the situation because based off in person interaction, you would think it is going amazingly. I don’t know what to do. What do you all think is the right thing to do. Text again to try and plan a date or just wait for her to respond back to me eventually? Should I Express my concerns (or is it too early). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What do you think?

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