Dating : Never been in a long term relationship at 26. Why??

Dating : Never been in a long term relationship at 26. Why??

I am 27 and have been dating for a long time with different girls. I just can’t seem to get into a long term relationship with any girl. I am a soft kind hearted person and i respect every woman. I don’t go around chasing woman I dont sleep around with random girls. I am a very sociable person but i don’t have many friends.
I get along with most girls i date and they seem to like me from the start. Usually i meet girls online and start off talking and i ask her out we go out on dinner or for a coffee. Everything seems ok and most of the time we go out second or a third time too. But after some time the girl tend to ignore me or do not reply to texts or even worse friend zone me.
Recently i have dated a girl for a month. We had such a good connection. We kiss and made out too but we never had sex. I really got attached to her and made me kinda fall for her. I thought she and i were something. Buy then she started opening up about how terrible her break up with her ex was and how those event made her go into depression. Any how she tried to make it work with me because she thought we had a connection too. But then she ended it with me saying she cant be romantically involved with someone because of her depression and she wants to be friends.
This has happened to me before too. Its almost the same story. « I cant be with you because you might get hurt ».  » I’m not in a situation to be in a relationship ».  » we can be friends and hang out ».
Most girls that I meet either has a problem with a previous relationship or is divorced. I don’t have any problem dating people with issues. It seems all girls have an issue dating or going in a relationship with me because of their issues.
I have waited without dating in the possibility of naturally meeting some one randomly for an year. I have dated girls whome i met online, I have dated girls whom I have been int touch for a long time. Nothing seems to work.
Every girl i meet says the same thing. Im a good guy with a great heart, and some one who respects woman.
Why do they friend zone me or why cant i get into a long term relationship. This is something that has been on my mind for a long time. Any advice would be very helpful on this matter.

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  1. It sounds like you may be putting too much pressure on these girls for a commitment after only going out for a few dates. Your fear of never having a long term relationship is actually what’s causing you not to have one. Dating should be more about having a good time and getting to know each other for awhile. You said you are “falling over this girl”, after only a month?? Sounds a bit needy. Instead of “trying to find your wife”, why don’t you just relax and see how things go instead. Once you’ve dated someone for a couple of months and are at the point where you guys are spending almost ever day together, then you can start to get more serious.

  2. okay so i think you’re looking at things a little bit one-dimensionally.
    you’ve said basically that you’re a good guy who respects women. that’s good but it’s like….the bare minimum. what are the things about you that would make someone want to be with you? what do you bring to the table other not being disrespectful? try to look at it from a woman’s perspective: what makes you desirable as a partner? how are you going to enrich her life? what does she gain by being with you? there has to be something beyond behaving normally and not disrespecting her.

  3. > »I cant be with you because you might get hurt ».  » I’m not in a situation to be in a relationship ».  » we can be friends and hang out ».

    Not sure how you’re meeting these women and getting involved with them, but that’s the first issue I’d examine.

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