Dating : Not sure if the first date was okay or went wrong?

Dating : Not sure if the first date was okay or went wrong?

Before you say it’s not the best thing to do to date coworkers, I’m aware of that, I’m leaving this job at the beginning of next month so I thought, why not?

I met her not a long time ago (maybe a week or two) at work. She’s new at the company I work for. I felt a vibe between us and made her laugh. Also didn’t have to force a conversation with her.

A couple days went by and I found her Facebook. Messaged her and had casual conversation through messenger. She seemed to be enjoying my messages and all that jazz so I suggest to hang out the next day after I finish my shift. She even came to the company and waited for me until I was done.

The date started off well. We went to an ice cream place her friend works at and had amazing ice cream. She even made us drinks all for free which was awesome. We then sat in the garden of the cafe with the sun shining and the convo flowed well without many (if any) forced questions or awkward pauses. We sat there and lost track of time. She later went on to talk about some deep stuff and she shared with me some problems she was going through (won’t go into detail).

After we were done with the ice cream we went on a walk along the beach and into the woods. It was a long walk and she seemed to talk most of the time (at times trying to keep the conversation alive as I wasn’t really bothered if we walked in silence for a moment – am I in the wrong for this?).

The walk ended up to be a few kilometres long and I was already pretty tired after work. So, naturally, I talked a bit less and wasn’t as witty with all the joking and flirting. I just wanted to have genuine conversation.

I’m not sure what impression I made on her. The start of the date felt great and she opened up and we had deep conversation and connected but towards the end when I was walking her back it seemed to not really be flowing too well. I will admit that I was just tired after work and all that.

I feel like I’m just being a pussy and should just tell her this and ask her how she feels but I want to ask you guys first.

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  1. If you want a future with her you’re best off just being honest. Casually start a conversation and drop it into the conversation but express how you had fun etc

  2. Just tell her upfront dude – i really enjoyed the time with you even though i was drifting off towards the end because I was tired. I hope you got home safe and would love to do it again. Something on those lines. Honesty really does the trick.

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