Dating : Online Dating Is The Worst Possible Way Of Trying To Find A Long-Term Partner

Dating : Online Dating Is The Worst Possible Way Of Trying To Find A Long-Term Partner

Title. I’ve noticed that a lot of people on this sub turn to online apps for long-term relationships and emotional commitment. This is actually one of the worst possible mistakes that you can make because online dating apps attract a very specific niche of people—people who are not long-term dating material. Are there people who find their life-partners through Tinder? Yes. However, are they the majority of Tinder users? No. Most people on Tinder look for quick hookups and thus it isn’t a surprise that they value superficial qualities. You can’t find a healthy fish in a rotten pond. Even if they claim they aren’t “playing around”, they usually match up with someone who plans on fooling around. Trying to secure a healthy relationship on Tinder and other dating apps is analogous to playing Russian Roulette.

The question then shifts toward the actual places where you can find meaningful dating. The answer is usually the place where you physically interact with someone frequently over a long term—usually college and believe it or not your workplace. People who try to find a partner within their social circles are more likely to be successful because you’re better acquainted with someone and are more likely to find your fit. A random person who you’ve never met before in your life and don’t know you are free from consequences and thus don’t have to take you seriously. This is not the same case for someone who you know personally. This means, however, that you have to be quite an extroverted person—you’re out of luck if you’re introverted. Thank you for listening to my TED talk.

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  1. IDK about that. i’ve met people randomly IRL and it’s not like they had a higher rate of being more quality people, or ended up together longer. like people are people…they’re just online now. lol. with the relative anonymity though, of not being in their social circles, the jerks will be overt jerks. they’re like that no matter if you meet them online or IRL. the birth of the internet has shown people the true colors of others. and it’s not so nice sometimes!

  2. Dating apps have destroyed relationships and ironically dating itself. I don’t know what the future hold but my guess is the sexes will drift apart socially and politically. Marriages will eventually be rare. The birth rate will continue to fall and sexual activity will begin a steep decline.

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