Dating : Could i still express my feelings? M(20) f(20)

Dating : Could i still express my feelings? M(20) f(20)

Ok so this is a long story and i am sorry in advance for any grammar and spelling mistake.
This girl, probably 1.5 years ago we started talking, she DM me on insta first. She was my best friends girlfriend best friend. My friend told me that she was into me she liked me and told me to start at least friendship.
Then we started havin a little conversation via text. She studied in different school.then 6 months later my friend and his girlfriend introduced us to each other personally, we went on a date ish type thing my friend his girlfriend and this girl. I started liking her. We went to a couple of events together but till this point neither of us proposed. We were just friends.
My friend showed me texts that this girl sends to his girl friend that how much she likes me. We both knew at that point that we liked each other but neither of us proposed. I was totally into her and started to think to propose but then things went bad. I knew it was her fault but i did not showed her that i knew and then i just ended that thought of relationship and ignored her. 1 year later, she still single, messaged me and we had a good convo and she apologised to me that if she ever hurted me she was sorry. Again i am falling for her, should i express my feelings that i like her or shouldn’t i?
Btw we only had met each other a couple of times because of her extremely strict parents.
TL;DR: i really need an advice that should i express me feelings, will our friendship be affected?
I forgot to mention, i asked her a month ago that we should meet sometime she declined bringing up the reason that her parents wont allow, quoting “ have you forgotten my mom” I dont know whether shes not interested anymore Or she thinks that i only think of her as a friend now Or really she has a problem with her parents. Should i go forward and text her why I didn’t shared my feelings in the first place and how i feel now…

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  1. Well nothing will come if you don’t ask. the more you think on it the more you’re gonna worry about it and hesitate, if you want to try a relationship with this girl just be honest and upfront with her.

  2. Hey (F 20) I think go for it, you don’t want to look back years from now and wonder what could of happened. If it’s meant to work out it will, and just play it cool. Also being a girl, I dig the honestly. She will respect you more for it.

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