Dating : Online dating rant

Dating : Online dating rant

I feel like I need to vent my frustrations with online dating. I understand there are probably thousands of posts about this topic but I’m hoping writing this out will help with my frustrations. So I’ve been online dating for years now and don’t get me wrong. It’s landed me some decent relationships in the past, a 1 year, 6 month and 2 year; however, the process of finding someone is so utterly infuriating. It’s becoming a bit unhealthy for me as I’m starting to view most women as completely rude and self centered assholes who have no concept of respect or common decency. 98% of the women I’ve run into in the past few years fall into one of these 4 categories.

1. The girl who matches but won’t speak to me.

2. The girl who matches me and talks to me for all of 5 seconds while putting zero effort into the conversation only to ignore me after 4 exchanged sentences.

3. The girl who agrees to a date only to back out last minute with some garbage excuse or just flat out ghosts. (WHY ARE YOU ON A DATING SITE IF YOU AREN’T GOING TO GO ON DATES?!?)

4. The super rare girl who actually makes it out on a date with me only to ghost me after 1 or 2.

Listen I understand I’m not going to click with everyone and if these girls aren’t feeling me then that’s totally fine. My problem comes when I tell them that it’s ok just to let me know they aren’t interested in anything romantic and tell them I’d like to be friends only for them to leave me on read.

Dating in general is so immensely geared toward women it’s insane but online especially so. The fact that they all walk around completely oblivious to how easy this is for them literally blows my mind. It’s like someone being born with a silver spoon and completely unaware or appreciative of what they have.

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  1. This pretty much echos my experience with old. Just today i matched with a girl on hinge after i commented on one of her pics. Exchanged like 2 msg then she umatched with me. Talk about lame

  2. That’s just par for the course. I notice women will sometimes make posts in this sub about guys they meet online. Asking if he’s still interested or why he never called back. When you know damn well she’s got 100+ more matches/messages in her inbox. I have no idea how they can get hung up on ONE guy when 10 more will replace him in the upcoming week.

    That last paragraph is so true. Sometimes when a guy makes a post in a dating sub asking how to talk to women, there’s always a few women that will respond with « talk to her like a human being ». I find this hilarious because it shows just how far removed they are from the guy’s perspective.

    I would love to see one of them (or more) make a dating profile as a male (using the Snapchat filter on themselves or something) and send messages to women talking to them « like human beings » so that they could see how far that actually gets them, lol.

  3. I feel you, and I’ve been going through the same thing… but with guys. It sucks and I’ve thought about just quitting but then I meet someone who seems nice only to find out we’re looking for different things out of each other! I can never win. Best of luck to you! You’re not alone.

  4. Every average looking guy faces the problems you are having. Guys need to do a lot of work to get a date. Girls need almost no effort for picking between 100 guys just by installing an app and making one photo (don’t forget about the face filter).

    We men are guilty for this, because men want it too much to make things work. As for women are often teached to stop going after a guy if he only pressed one wrong button (e.g. he didn’t pay for the food, or he talks about a topic she didn’t like,..)

    If men weren’t so much falling for the « hard to get game » and lowering their standarts just because she has nice tits,things would look a lot different.

    My word of advice: love yourself, don’t change yourself for someone else, when rejected it’s not because of you but because of her not seeing what a great guy you are.

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