Dating : Plus Sized Females

Dating : Plus Sized Females

Are there people who are open to dating plus sized females? I would love to see the numbers.

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  1. I’m a plus sized woman (curvy, size 16) and I find it very hard to date because of this exact reason. I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin but there are so many guys that won’t even take the time to get to know me because I’m a little bigger (at least that’s what I am assuming is the reason…based off some of these comments…but to each their own. I’m not hating).

    I have so much to offer someone – a great career, brains, fun hobbies and humor. It’s just disheartening that all that isn’t good enough just because I’m not thin.

  2. Big no for me if I’m honest. No hate but it’s just a major turn off for me and I can’t have any physical attraction to someone who is not in shape. I’m a dude who is healthy, fairly muscular and in shape so I feel it’s fair for me to have this standard.

  3. It depends what your definition of « plus » is.

    Its pretty much the line in which the size of the person messes with your attraction towards her. Whats your line?

    Generally speaking, I need the women I’m with to be healthy and somewhat fit. Its hard to be positive of the future if I know my partner will have health issues…and who knows how this may affect not only our relationship, but a child if thats in the cards. Health is important to survival and longevity. To me, its not necessarily about whether the person is confident in their own body…because if you’re confident in a body I dont find appealing, it doesnt come across genuine. Kind of defeats the purpose of being confident.

  4. I’m plus sized (14-16) and I have no problem finding men to have sex with, it’s long term dating that is the problem. I’m fine with hookups right now, as I am currently losing weight and I have no interest in a LTR.

    If you don’t like your odds, change yourself into a better version of you so you can have the confidence to go for what you want.

  5. I’m most attracted to women that are smaller than me, and I’ve already got a kinda small frame. But sure I have friends that like all kinds of women

  6. Of course! A friend of mine recently commented on my attraction to Natalie Alyn Lind (the actress), saying « she’s a bit big ». Yes, she’s very curvy.

    So are most of the barmaids and waitresses at my local pub and I keep getting drunk and hitting on them. I’m old, they all have boyfriends, it’s never gonna happen; doesn’t stop me when I’m drunk (though it really should).

    I don’t have a « type » that I go for – skinny, athletic, ‘shapely’, large. I think the female form is beautiful.

  7. There are, but « open to dating » and « eager to date » are not the same thing. Most men do not enjoy the look and feel of a « plus size female » body.

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