Dating : Pressured into dating?

Dating : Pressured into dating?

I’m the only single one of my friends and at times I feel very pressured by them to be in a relationship. I wish I wasn’t the only one because I really don’t mind being single. Any advice for not getting annoyed with being around couples all the time? And how to avoid feeling like I NEED to be in a relationship in order to stop that feeling?

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  1. Maybe make some new friends. I’m not saying get rid of the old ones, just make new ones. If you don’t mind being single, why do you get the feeling you NEED to be in a relationship?

  2. Why do you feel pressured? Being single is great you aren’t tied down to anyone. Don’t have to triple check if you have plans already. I sometimes think I wish I was in a relationship and then see my friend who is in one and say Nah I’m good. If you don’t mind just don’t think about it. If your happy then who cares

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