Dating : Rant : fetish vs preference

Dating : Rant : fetish vs preference

Why is it if you like big tits it’s all good but if you like chubby girls you have a sick fetish ?

If you like big butts it’s normal but liking Latinas is a sick fetish?

So you end up with someone less attractive to you, because the more attractive people (to you ) hate themselves so much they think only a sicko would find them attractive! and no one wants to date a sicko right ?

Fuck this shit. Love yourself. And let people love you for who and what you are without worrying about ulterior motives

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  1. I think because both genders who are part of a minority group tend to have so many stereotypes tied to them, having someone staying their preferences are of a specific type of minority can be triggering in a sense? So if you are super vocal about living x group of people, ya it is gonna come off more negatively than say I like this physical aspect of a partner in a more neutral way. Might get more positive feedback. Then again I am not part of a minority, so could be totally wrong

  2. It’s a double standard, for sure. We’ve been through decades of « I was born this way » celebrating being attracted to different genders, but then turn around and condemn people for being attracted to any other criteria. So even though I don’t control what I’m attracted to… I get trashed online in my dating ads that say I like petite women.

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