Dating : Right way to approach a woman in public?

Dating : Right way to approach a woman in public?

As the title asks, if you want to introduce yourself and not look like a creep, definitely don’t want to say “hey girl in the _____” or tap her on the shoulder lol so what are ways when you want to get her attention.

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  1. You have to be good at conversation, notice a commonality and make a comment off of it. That’s an icebreaker, then keep the convo going. You have to be good at talking in the first place, I recommend talking to everyone to build the skill.

  2. If you’re anywhere where she’s standing, distracted (like a grocery store, amusement park, etc) make conversation about what you all are looking at. In a shampoo aisle? make sure that you comment on your massive problem with lice. No but really, make small talk as you would with one of your friends! Add some humor in too! Now if you see a girl walking down the street, you could possibly respectfully call her beautiful. Don’t use the words hot, cute or pretty. Just be gentleman like

  3. This is very situational. Are you at a bar? A concert? In a park? There are women who do not want to be approached at all, women who don’t mind sometimes, and women who love the attention. (I assume it’s the same for others). So, if you do approach be aware that many women have been socialized to be polite. So they will not always make it clear to go away.

    If she is out running or biking or some other activity, unless she gives a very strong indication she wants conversation do not approach. Especially if she is wearing headphones (earbuds).

    Otherwise, find a commonality and be non-threatening, « oh hey, is that a good book? » If she says, « yes » and continues reading please do not try to engage further. If she begins to chat with you about the book, there you go.

    So there is no definitive answer to this question. I am sorry.

  4. Anytime I’ve been approached in public when someone says something like, “excuse me, I was standing over there and thought you were so beautiful I decided to come over and introduce myself.” Those dudes have always gotten a date. Lol

  5. Mate the problem is you think women aren’t humans, there aint no magical way to approach a women, just approach her in a similar manner as you would to a guy. Example:

    « Hey, excuse me, you don’t know me but i was walking accros over there and i noticed you walk by, and i thought you looked cute, Whats your name? »

    Or pretend i’m at the gym stretching next to a girl stretching (with no earphones)

    « Hey excuse me, are you a yoga trainer? I’m trying to figure out the best stretches for a tight back, i’m (name) by the way » (IF SHE HAS EARPHONES DONT APPROACH)

    Or pretend i’m waiting in line

    « Hey excuse me, do you know if these lines are normally this slow? (wait for response), Oh figures, hey what country are you from by the way? (wait for response) Oh wow, i should’ve guessed that my friend is from there haha etc… »

    Just treat her like a normal human being and just have a casual conversation then ask for her number, if she rejects act pleasant.

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