Dating : s/o asking to hangout with your friends alone

Dating : s/o asking to hangout with your friends alone

i’ve been talking to this guy for a few weeks, and today he texted one of my friends to hangout with her today. without me. he stated it was just meant to be friendly but i feel weird about it. what do y’all think?

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  1. Super weird. Bounce immediately. No reason for him to do this, he is either up to no good, or too dumb to realize what it looks like. Move on.

  2. Does your friend want to hang out with him? How old are you all? And you’ve only been talking to him for about 3 weeks?

    I often try to follow my instincts, so if something feels off, it is probably off. You could just let them meet up and see what actually transpires…

  3. That’s how some guys find dates by going through other peoples social media friends lists ect and sliding into girls DMs. Plenty of people hookup this way, it’s sort of the norm now guys do this all the time. I have met guys like this too, basically these guys use insta, snap ect as online dating tools. It’s ok for non attached dudes to do this, but if you two are a thing then he is a creep and a warning flair for how faithful he actually plans on being to you. (It’s only been 3 weeks, you really want to see how much worst it can get?) If he is calling her beautiful as you said this red smoke now coming off that warning flair! Especially bad when the friend had to tell you about it. Guy sounds pretty shitty I would throw this one away.

  4. Definitely weird. That would be a bit strange even if you were in a relationship and he knew them fairly well. In this case, seeing as how you’ve only known him a few weeks, it is very weird.

  5. I would say it is no good.

    Only reason for something like that would be to ask for some sort of advice on a subject or for help. Just hand out sounds no good.

  6. He might actually just want to make a good impression on your friends.. dont assume the worst just yet. Guys know how important a girls friends opinion is so take that into consideration. As long as he hasnt said anything weird I would give him the benefit of the doubt and talk to him about it

  7. Super weird. Did she give him her number or did he ask for it? I’ve never asked for a girlfriends friends number because they are friends first and foremost through her. 3 weeks and he isn’t thinking of hanging out with you but her? Dude is off and most likely wants to crack onto her

  8. He’s into her, probably saw her snaps and thought she was cute. And you guys aren’t together so he probably thought it was ok. I’d just bounce.

  9. Very odd. At first I read this title and was like “aw he’s probably gonna propose!”

    One time I went out with this guy a couple times and once we met up with my friend and the guy she was dating. Well, when he was driving me home he was asking me questions about my friend. Where she lives, what she does for work, etc. I just thought he was like trying to learn more about her bc she was my best friend. Well, we stopped talking and a few weeks later he found her on Facebook and asked her out. She said “no.” Lol.

    Don’t continue to see the guy. Your friend shouldn’t either. It’s a bad look on the guy. But at the same time, Idk what i would do if I was hanging out with a guy and then met his friend whom I clicked with better….. lol.

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