Dating : She tells me she’s tired of all the games and then proceeds to play games with me.

Dating : She tells me she’s tired of all the games and then proceeds to play games with me.

Met a great girl at the bar and we hit it off. She told me she was sick and tired of playing « all those stupid games » so I ask her out for the following day and she says yes and appears to be very happy about it. The next day comes and she tells me that she has plans but wants to do it another time. Then I ask her about something else and she never responds. Whatever. I wait a week to text her again about setting a date and she ghosts me once more. Not my first time playing the ‘getting lead on’ game and I wasnt a fan the first time. How am I supposed to continue doing this shit or gain any confidence when doing everything « right » still doesnt produce results?

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  1. When people say they don’t like playing games what they’re really saying is that they don’t want the other person to be ambiguous with their words and/or intentions. For some reason these people can’t see how doing they are playing games by doing the same thing.

    I’ve been ghosted enough times to know to never move my schedule around for a first date. Always confirm plans the day of, and assume that the dates not happening until you get a confirmation back.

    Best of luck

  2. By not taking it personally. This interaction doesn’t reflect poorly on you, it reflects poorly on her. All you can do is focus on « right action » and let the chips fall where they may.

  3. If someone cancels the first date, assume no interest on his/her part. Do not reach out anymore. Let them contact you. But don’t wait for it.

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