Dating : Should I be more forward with girls? But how much is too much?

Dating : Should I be more forward with girls? But how much is too much?

Recently I feel like most girls expect you to be forward with them, and I don’t just mean approaching I mean almost wanting you to tell them your intentions straight out. Because it seems like most of my friends are just telling girls straight up, you’re beautiful, wanna suck my dick, wanna smoke, etc. And getting what they want.

So my question is should I be more forward like that? What’s your experience with doing that?

To me it feels like straight up sexual harassment and these girls want you to be low key, I try that but they seem to not care. So am I supposed to just be forward then back off they if say no? Or do I need to be low key and slow?

I don’t really get it to be honest it seems like too much work to try and guess what these girls want. Any advice would be appreciated.

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  1. Please for the love of God don’t do this. Being assertive and aggressive are different. Maybe try the old « you look nice today » « want to get together later? » Call me crazy though

  2. The only straight forward approach I want is the intentions, but I usually ask that question- “What are you looking for?” That answer tells me if it’s going to be worth my time or not.

  3. I actually see where you’re coming from and some of my friends use this tactic. However I think being assertive is a good thing but done in the correct time. So wait a while before you start demanding anything. However depending on who it is taking a quick stance of saying ‘ I like you’ or ‘ want to hang out sometime?’ Could very much work in your favour.

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