Dating : should i give him time or should i let go?

Dating : should i give him time or should i let go?

so i met this guy on tinder and we texted a lot, but he seemed to be shy with asking me out. so one day it came naturally where i gave him a hint and he finally asked me if we want to hang out and if we wanted to drink a coffee after. it was really nice and i think we’re kind of similar, i for my part think he’s crazy attractive. but we both have this situation going on where we broke up with our exes last year, started dating but weren’t ready and recently had a thing with our exes again but ended it. when i joked about it how he never asked me out on a second date he said that he wants to see me again but that he needed a moment. now yesterday i asked him if he would be down to play tennis with me he kinda dodged the question and he doesn’t reply to my snaps and he also didn’t reply to my text. it’s kinda confusing to me as he was the one asking me for my number, snapchat and instagram and always keeping up contact with me even though he didn’t text me. but since yesterday: nothing.
i feel like i should let him go but it’s so hard for me bc i think he’s very attractive on the outside and the inside. what do you guys think?

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  1. Those who keep changing their minds they piss me off badly. But to be honest I changed my mind once or twice before because in the first week of the relationship I felt I couldn’t love the girl. I tried leaving without hurting her though and sent her a gift.

    My point is, if he isn’t sure about u, he doesn’t deserve you. Girls who are suspicious to be with me or not, I don’t give them much time to think, I pick the ones who knows she wants no one but me…

  2. Move on and find someone who knows what they want. From what you described he sounds pretty childish. I dont get why people go on dating sites then say they’re not ready for a relationship? Why waste other peoples time because you’re too fragile?

  3. The worst thing is: time will tell.

    What I hate the most is when people start to get out and date and then all of a sudden « they aren’t ready for a relationship ». Like what did they expect to happen?!?!?! If you’re looking for casual, hookup or whatever, fine, then state that. Otherwise get off the apps or whatnot.

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