Dating : Should I give Tinder Guy a Chance?

Dating : Should I give Tinder Guy a Chance?

Hi! So I am a 21 year old female college student. At one point when I was actively looking for a relationship I downloaded Tinder (I’m a grandma with apps and social media and didn’t realize Tinder was designed predominately for hookups. Opps lol). When I downloaded it I noticed there was a guy basically saying « Hey beautiful, I’d love to take you out » in late December. He messaged me again mid January, and just when I thought he gave up, he messaged me again late MAY! LOL. I never responded to any of his messages. Mostly because by the time he’d message me I was either dating someone else (I just can’t date multiple people. I feel so guilty even if we aren’t official) or I was busy with school and didn’t have the app downloaded anymore. I almost find him endearing however, he doesn’t even know my personality so idk if his persistence should be considered a red flag or not. Any thoughts? Should I give him a chance? I really need a nice guy in my life but not someone who doesn’t respect themselves.

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  1. … This guy will 100% treat you like gold, and will bore the fuck out of you, but you’ll be well taken care of, just my guess. Probably should pass on him for someone more destructive though, hard to fuck up your life with a desperate guy.

  2. The only way you’ll know his intentions is if you talk honestly. I’m a grandma too and found out it was 98% for hookups the hard way. With that in mind, no harm in talking/getting a coffee to see what you both want.

  3. No. My father says he met my mother on a blind date. Look at my post history for how that went over. **Uninstall** any and all dating apps immediately.

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