Dating : Something is wrong with my girlfriend

Dating : Something is wrong with my girlfriend

Sooo ik she loves the shit out if me but, then for some reason, starting yesterday Monday she was acting strange and super down, motivationless. I stayed quiet and just observed. Later after, i texted her to see if everything is alright. She told me shes on her period and that shes sorry. Then later, she texted me « hey how are uu ». But then she started texting sooo weird, dry, and like ehhhh wtf. Shes never like this. Almost like she doesnt care about me. Shes never like this.

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  1. Call her out on it then. Tell her you have noticed she’s been acting differently and is making you feel like something is wrong… She’s going to ask how? Then, you tell her what you have noticed and I’m sure she’ll explain.

  2. Hormones make women crazy bro, just gotta weather it, focus on yourself, if she’s about to bolt it’s going to happen regardless, no sense stressing about it if it hasn’t happened yet, and you can’t control it.

  3. > Almost like she doesnt care about me.

    The girl is down for a day because she’s menstruating, and you’re making it all about you? Looking for a pity BJ or what?

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