Dating : Sometimes, the people we allow into our love lives turn us into the worst versions of ourselves.

Dating : Sometimes, the people we allow into our love lives turn us into the worst versions of ourselves.

I [25F] dated this guy [26M] last year for three months until I asked for exclusiveness and he said he still wanted to date other people. I was hurt to say the least and broke it off.

For months he would text me every month saying hello and I would answer even though I knew I shouldn’t. I didn’t understand why he was reaching out to me if we wanted different things. I would get a rush every time we talked until he would end the conversation by not answering my text and we would go another month without talking.

This week he reached out to me every single day. He called me every night and he told me that he’s reflected and that he realizes that I’m perfect for him. We’re so alike. We belong together, etc etc. I felt excited. Maybe he finally realizes that I can be good for him.

Today I haven’t heard from him at all. He said he would call at 9 and he didn’t. Finally in the evening I texted him, no response. But he did find the time to watch my Instagram story.

I cried for a whole hour tonight. And you guys I swear- this is so not me. He brings out the worst version of me. I KNOW I deserve better than this. I’m kind, I’m compassionate, I’m decent looking, I’m smart, I own my own company, I have it together.

But this guy just makes me feel so small and unimportant every single time.

So I’ve decided I’m not answering him anymore. If someone likes you, you’ll know. If they don’t, you’ll feel confused, anxious, uncertain. And I deserve a hell yes, not a maybe. I have so much to offer someone. And I won’t let him make me feel small anymore.

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  1. Do not answer him anymore. He is playing with you.

    There are so many men who would treat you right. Do NOT settle for less.

    What you’re describing isn’t love or a loving start. It sounds like he’s holding a power struggle over you.

  2. That just sucks the way he is treating you. But you are so right, some people are just toxic for us. It’s good that you realized this now before you get more invested and he plays with your feelings then. It would hurt so much more. Kudos to you on your firm stand on what you deserve and what you are. That takes strength and self-love.

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