Dating : Talking to a busy woman, seems into me, but we haven’t gotten together in two weeks, time to move on? Or be patient?

Dating : Talking to a busy woman, seems into me, but we haven’t gotten together in two weeks, time to move on? Or be patient?

So to some this may seem like common sense, but to me, not so much. Long story short, I met this girl on Bumble, and while I prefer meeting people in person, I’ve struck gold on occasion with dating apps, and it usually just doesn’t work out for the usual reasons, and fizzles away, cut and dry. Occasionally I’ll meet someone who’s crazy or a catfish, and of course there’s the inevitable dry spell.

The first meeting I had with this girl was somewhat spontaneous, and she was with her friends, which, while I am not a shy guy, is usually not my preferred setting to meet someone for the first time, but what the heck? We got along great and kinda hit the town. By halfway through the night she was already holding my hand and cuddling up on me, and we ended the night with a short, but meaningful kiss. Our second date I was pretty sick, and I’m not sure if it helped or hurt me, but needless to say there was no physicality. The third date I kinda shot myself in the foot. Via a typo I had made it seem I needed to pick my mom and dad up from the airport that night, and that I’d only have time for dinner, so she had already made plans with her girlfriends later on. We ate, had some drinks, and called it a night, once again, with a kiss.

That was two weeks ago. I had planned to meet her again the next Saturday, but she forgot about a baby shower she had, and this was not a lie, she posted later on social media about it. This whole week she was pretty packed, and this weekend she will be out of town. Next weekend I myself will be out of town, so of course that won’t work out, and I fear, as per usual, her week will be booked. She’s an account executive and a telecommunications company, and work alone keeps her busy. And while I consider myself to be a socialite, she is on another level, with more friends than I can count.

I KNOW this girl finds me attractive, she commented on numerous posts and stuff about me, and we matched on Bumble, obviously she doesn’t think I’m ugly. And I did get three dates so far, she could’ve easily cut me off. She does also text me back, I’ve only had to double text a few times, and she did give ample warning about her having to cancel. And when we have gotten together, we get along exceptionally well, great intelligent conversation.

What my question boils down to is: I feel like when you’re truly interested in someone, you’re going to make time for them. Even if you’re a really busy person like she is. Should I just try and move along, and risk destroying something good? Or should I try to play the long game, risking failure, but also having the chance that over time I will become more intertwined in her social calendar?

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  1. She sounds interested just busy. But that could speak to a basic compatibility issue, you’re more willing to make time for dating than she is. Doesn’t mean she’s not interested, she just isn’t interested in the same way as you. So that could be an issue if you ever wanted something more serious

  2. I’m not even going to read your post. I’m just going to give you advice: Ditch her.

    I used to date a woman who worked over 40 hours a week, had a very large social circle, was very close to her family, attended church regularly, worked out a lot, and was going to school for her PHD. She found time to hang out with me every single week.

    If she claims she’s too busy, then you’re not her priority. If you’re not her priority, fuck her. Be the priority. Don’t settle for less. If every man just ditched her, she would be forced to change or be single.

    We let these kinds of behaviors happen. We do.

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