Dating : Texting in between dates

Dating : Texting in between dates

How much should one text between setting dates. I know the more I text the more they lose attraction and our date it set a week out. How should I pursue?

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  1. I’m wondering the same thing myself. I feel like texting too much is a vibe killer. But I guess it just depends on the people.

  2. Texting should be used to set up dates and that’s it in my opinion. You’re correct, the more you text, in general, the more likely somebody is to lose attraction.

    When you don’t text, people have to wonder, have to think to fill the void of not receiving a call or text. They have to use their imagination to fill their curiosity. This builds attraction, because when you have a crush, you only think positive things about somebody. It also creates a chase for them, they want the call or text, so it becomes a prize. They create value, in wanting something so when you finally get it, it means something. If you text everyday then it’s boring and invaluable.

    Be patient, you have a life outside this person that simply gave you their number or you went on one date with. You shouldn’t be ready to sacrifice everything and melt to this persons every dying wish. You have a life, take care of yourself and do you.

  3. As a F24 if you don’t text me at least every other day I will assume you aren’t interested and look for someone who is.

  4. If I have just met someone and we are just starting to date, texting every day and a half is fine with me. I think that fun flirty texts help to keep the good Juju flowing, and I like that kind of texting w a new potential partner or fwb, whatever it develops into

  5. If they get a nervous breakdown from you texting them now and then between dates, then it’s a sign they’re not ready to have a relationship involving communication.

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