Dating : This guy wants to date me, but during lunch he ordered $45 worth of sushi and I ordered $15. I ended up paying half of the $60 bill. Is it wrong if me to feel annoyed?

Dating : This guy wants to date me, but during lunch he ordered $45 worth of sushi and I ordered $15. I ended up paying half of the $60 bill. Is it wrong if me to feel annoyed?

Not to mention the guy was a bit alarming and ate all his sushi in about the same time that I did. He also didn’t offer any of his rolls to me.

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  1. If you’re long time friends just splitting the bill isn’t that weird, and is common in a lot of friend circles. I understand why you’re annoyed since his portion was more. But unless you asked for change it’s not that odd to just split and think he’ll get more in the next round or that in the longer run it will even out.

    Unless he just smashed his face into the plate like a horse at a trough I’d say criticizing that is a bit much.

  2. I think you should have said something. He may be a jackass or he may just not have noticed the disparity. Sometimes when the bill comes I don’t remember what my food cost so I usually just split

  3. That guy should have picked up the whole tab, I would have. On the other hand why didn’t you say something or ask for separate checks?

  4. Yeah that’s kind of a dick move lmao

    If you’re friends, you almost always go dutch and/or pay for what you ordered unless the other person offers to buy the meal cus of a favor you did or something

    If you’re a potential romantic interest i.e. on a date, either the guy pays the whole thing (aka the traditional way, which sucks cus some girls now consider it a privilege of womanhood, but that’s a separate rant), or you pay for what you ordered which is fair.

    Eating 3x worth the price of your meal and then asking you to pay half the bill is an extremely selfish mindset no matter your gender or what your relationship is.

  5. I dont get why he just assumed this was ok unless it evens out. Like next time you order more or something more expensive and he pays half too. Either way as long time freinds you should feel comfortable bringing it up with out any strain. Did he know it was split down the middle like that?

  6. You shouldn’t be judging a man for how fast he eats? That’s ridiculous.

    On the other hand, I do agree that he should have paid his portion at the very least.

  7. Sushi is a tough one in that regard. I had a good friend do that to me one time (and then complain that I was looking at my phone too much while I was eating), and it pissed me off for like…a solid couple months.

  8. Well i personally wouldnt want to date someone who is seriously questioning a relationship over $15. Personally i feel that whoever does the asking should do the paying, or the man should just pay but i see this as a pointless post to not date someone over being slightly annoyed im sure if you were to confront them about it they would feel bad and not really even known what they had done.

  9. It’s kind of the downside of trying to « split the bill » is that most likely someone is gonna eat more than the other person. Unless you order the exact same thing it won’t « even out » (unless there are specials). Best thing I’ve seen so far is to just look through the bill, look at what you ordered, and either have one person pay on card and the other Venmo or Cash App the one person OR use cash.

  10. Yes I would agree it probably would have been better for him to pay the bill as he spent more. Just take this as a red flag and potential reason to not consider dating him. From your comments he seems super pushy and isn’t respecting your preferences, which is alarming. Him eating faster than you, well that seems like a random thing to worry about, same with sharing, but then again he doesn’t seem like the person to share his food, rather push his preferences on you.

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