Dating : This thing pisses me off.

Dating : This thing pisses me off.

Me: Jackson’s the only pet you have?

Her: Hi cutie why are you at the dentist? (She didn’t answer my question, but that’s fine).

Me: Regular check-up. Have to have fresh breath to kiss those lips, right?

Her: Um yea!!

Me: Exactly. You know I always wanted a Black cat to name it Salem. And you have a Black dog named Jackson. 😁

Her: Maybe they will be besties!

Me: Yup, one will meow the other to death, the other will bark and howl until they stop arguing, but at the end of the day, they’ll come together and cuddle to sleep.

Also me later that day: Forgot to with you a good night. Good night. (Me being sweet).

Why do females have issues socializing and maintaining a conversation? It makes me think you’re dull and have no personality. This is why I don’t like wasting time and energy on dating apps conversing with them.

What do you think?


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  1. They don’t have problems maintaining conversations, they just aren’t willing to do it with someone they don’t have high interest with.

    Also – you are probably wasting too much time with chit chat (and possibly being too available to message back quickly). Your goal is to move things to a date reasonably quickly, you weed out people not interested in anything more faster that way. Try not referring to woman as ‘females’ either, it’s weird.

  2. you weirded her out talking about kissing the lips…. youve never met yet you are already willing to exchange bodily fluids with her….

    plus your convo isn’t exactly engaging lol….

    warm up to it my friend

  3. You’re the type who likes to converse, same with me lol. You don’t have to worry about feeling dull and have no personality, I think you’re fine, you just have been unlucky to meet someone who is equally sweet as you.

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