Dating : Things are… weird? How do I take things to the next level.

Dating : Things are… weird? How do I take things to the next level.

Alright so I tried writing this up before on mobile but the app crashed and I lost it all so I am going to keep it shorter than what it was originally.

I’m really good friends with a former co-worker of mine and we have been hanging out more often since I left the company we worked together at. Going out a lot to bars and such. We’ve been getting closer and more comfortable around each other and the other night she finally had a moment where she opened up to me about some of her relationship troubles and described how and what she likes in her guys and her taste in men. I feel she basically was describing me. I’ve always had a thing for her just never had the guts to say anything. I do however remind her all the time that if she ever needs anything that I will always be open to listen or whatever it may be.

Now on to the other night, we spent a hard night out drinking heavily and bar hopping and next thing you know we are back at her apartment still drinking at 6AM. Finally, we each pass out, me on the couch, her in her bed. Waking up at like 4 PM (ish) and she’s up walking around in just her underwear! I got a little flustered and didn’t know how to react to it. She didn’t seem bothered by it either and just casually sat on the couch and we talked about some of the shit we barely remember from the night before. Then she said she was going to go nap again after a bit and went back into her room leaving the door wide open. I wasnt sure if I should follow her so I just left it at that and chilled on the couch with her cat and watched YouTube videos until she woke up again and I made pizza for us to eat then I left at like midnight that night. We have been out since then but I havent brought it up. IDK how to read that series of events but now whenever im over at her place its just me and her and she seems more comfortable around me, but she always talks about these other guys shes into so I kinda keep my distance in talking about us.

**tl;dr** Female friend seems to be getting more comfortable around me, she walks around in just her underwear when im at her place and IDK how to read it.

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