Dating : Tinychat…should I be worried/what is it??

Dating : Tinychat…should I be worried/what is it??

I am planning to talk to my boyfriend about this ASAP. But wanted to see if anyone can help so i know what type of conversation we’ll be having…I found out my boyfriend of a year has been using Tinychat and Omegle when I’m away. We share a computer and I saw it in his recently visited but didn’t snoop or go into any other history. I have NO idea what either site is all about.
Anyone who’s used either site or know why someone in a relationship would use it? I’ve heard everything from it’s a porn site, used to just find interesting people, orrrr to look for possible significant other.

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What do you think?

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  1. It really depends. I used to take part in TinyChat group video calls that were totally kosher for anyone in a relationship, we just shot the shit. Omegle, on the other hand, is chock full of tits and dicks.

  2. I’ve used both.

    Omegle – can be used for sex chats. Can be used for platonic chats. When I was a teen (15-18 ish) I was incredibly lonely, didn’t have close friends, etc. I would talk to people on there just as something to do. Sometimes I was flirty, often I wasn’t. Back in the day I’d occasionally exchange contact info with people from there and email them. So totally depends on how he’s using it.

    Tinychat – this is something I used to communicate with other friends I met online (wow, I was a cool kid!) Mostly video/text chatting with friends. We used to just have fun in big groups (5-10 people) and usually play I’ve Never, or Truth or Dare.

    Both REALLY depend on how he’s using them, if he’s being flirty, etc. It’s not the specific websites that’s the problem, because he could cheat with just a telephone call, a facebook message, whatever. It’s not the medium of cheating that’s the problem.

    So I’d just ask like « hey I saw you were on this website, what is it? » and see what you can find out. I wouldn’t recommend being accusatory, you have no evidence he’s cheating.

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