Dating : Unrequited love? Should one just profess to find out if it’s reciprocated and when it’s not ,move on?

Dating : Unrequited love? Should one just profess to find out if it’s reciprocated and when it’s not ,move on?

(Me – 27M / Her – 27F)

Okay here goes.

So lately I’ve been dating my high school crush since we have recently reconnected. Went on a few dates and I can honestly say it’s been going great.

Held hands for a bit, kissed (Just a smack though) I am able to put my arms across her shoulders, waist, fix and stroke her hair with no recoil, I am able to kiss her head etc, romantic stuff like that and she accepted it all. I can honestly say that the dates have been going really well, we are having fun, laughing and talking for hours on end. With certainty I can say the dates have gone really well and we never had a planned date that didn’t go through. Most dates have been from 5PM to 1AM. (Good signs I hope, God I hope so. But yeah no sex it’s alright though, I’m fine with that)

Well, now. I think I am in love? Yeah I guess I’m deeply inlove. Couldn’t really admit it to myself as I haven’t dated for 4 years now, had a 5 year relationship break-up last 2015 and I didn’t really see anyone since then (My toxic demon succubus hellspawn EX sucked all the remaining life out of me)

I really don’t know how to proceed, I have this gut feeling deep inside that it’s unrequited. Add the fact that sometimes she will reply after 2 days even though she has « SEEN » my FB chat (I know she has a life), maybe she just isn’t a texting/online chatty person? As sometimes we will talk through chats and she’ll only reply the most basic replies.(I know I’m clingy AF) I don’t really bug her or talk to her about it (I’m not that toxic or possessive) I just suck it all up as I don’t want to appear needy or clingy I just suck it up even though I am, since the dates and actual personal interaction with her have been great.

I really don’t know how to proceed. If I tell her in our next date (In good timing ofcourse), maybe she’ll feel betrayed, maybe she’ll be disappointed then that’s the end of an awesome friendship. But atleast, I’ll be able to find out for sure and move on.

What do you think?

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