Dating : Was this a date or a friend hangout?

Dating : Was this a date or a friend hangout?

Sorry in advance this might be a little long…

So I met this girl about a month ago at the gym, and we REALLY hit it off! We ended up chatting there for a while so I got her number and we texted all week long. We even planned a date for later that week.

I picked her up, went out for dinner and hung out in the restaurant for 2.5 hours before our movie! It wasn’t awkward at all, she actually impressed me! We didn’t even start eating for like 20 minutes after we got our food because we were talking so much. Went to the movie and then I took her home. She was even talking about ‘next time’! So I was quite happy after all of that.

After the date though she became quite distant, not responding until like 12 hours later (usual was about like 15 minutes), while not holding conversations. So after multiple days of this I asked her what’s wrong, she appologized saying she was really busy and said that I was perfect and she really had an amazing time. (While also showing a screenshot showing I’m not the only one she hasn’t responded to ».

A few more days go by without much conversation after I try to initiate something and then suddenly out of the blue she starts texting, we talk all day and night. then the following morning I asked her out to a 2nd date. And I got a response saying again said that I was ‘perfect and has never been treated so nicely before, but we aren’t compatible for each other and I don’t want you thinking that I’m leading you on »

I handle the situation in a mature fashion and said that I really liked her but if I can’t force things so I totally understand. She told me she was amazed with my response and it brought her to tears and she even called her friend about it, and we hopes that we could still be friends.

A week and a half of not talking to her goes by and I get a text message from her saying « Hey! » After catching up she says « I had reservations with my friend for this restaurant to watch the game and now she can’t go ». Which I asked if she was still wanted to go. She replied with « Yeah! But I don’t want to go alone! 🙁 » So I said that I was free so I could join her if she wanted. And she seemed really enthusiastic about that.

We ended up hanging out at the restaurant together for the entire game and bit having drinks and stuff (a little over 3 hours), and again it was really nice. I walked her to her car afterwards and we hugged eachother goodnight.

We texted a bit later that night and the following day which got me thinking.

In my area during finals/playoffs restaurants can’t take reservations. AND it was only a table for 2 for a packed restaurant. Plus she told me to be there at 7:30 which she texted me at 7:15 saying she was there. So I’m starting to wonder if this whole ‘friend cancel/reservation thing was fake hahah »

Was this a date to her? Or a friendship thing after all of this? My overall plan is to hangout and chill with her and see where things go. I plan on texting her asking if wants to give me company and return the favour for the next weekend game.

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  1. Believe them when they say this:

    >And I got a response saying again said that I was ‘perfect and has never been treated so nicely before, but we aren’t compatible for each other and I don’t want you thinking that I’m leading you on »

    This girl will NEVER let you put your dick inside her willingly. This is now someone you use to get to other girls. Play nice, tell her you want to meet her friends, try to set up a girls night where you go out and crash. See if any of her friends are attractive.

    Tell her you’re interested in her friends, or even see if she’s willing to go out and be a wingwoman for you, that can be amazing.

    But, this girl will never bang you ever, so don’t even try.

  2. This girl is super sketchy.

    It sounds she is treating you like an oribiter. To wit, you are her « friend », not a friend.

    The only way to know for sure is instead of going out for the next game, ask her to come over to your house to hang out and watch it. You will learn a lot from her response.

    However, it’s basically a foregone conclusion — this is going nowhere and if you push it, you will end up sad.

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