Dating : We being talking less nowadays and this is causing a lotof confusion

Dating : We being talking less nowadays and this is causing a lotof confusion

Background – She[F23] kind of asked me[M23] out a month back. We used to talk online mainly and really have a good time chatting. We haven’t been able to plan out a date yet but, after my exam, i figure, we hang out then

Now, I am appearing for this imp exam coming in 2 weeks and spend most of my day studying. And when I am free some time late in the night she’s usually sleeping. I am however a phone addict and tend to checknup on my messages every now and then. So she knows I’m online quite often.

She too is busy with her own work for what she told me. So even when we both are online at the same time I tend not to start up a chat becoz its really no meaningful conversation of we just end up replying in « ok, lol,.. « .

I think this is causing some distance between us and I’m not sure what to do. Should I continue this behavior? Or someone else pls suggest something.

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  1. Nothing wrong with that – you don’t want to be glued on the phone all day with your date. For me, I only text/call if I want to set dates and that’s it. You can chit chat and do all that in person which is way healthier. Give her the gift of missing you.

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