Dating : What is the difference between hanging out and going on a date?

Dating : What is the difference between hanging out and going on a date?

Would you say it’s the same thing? Or do they have a different meaning?

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What do you think?

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  1. Easy, but yet kinda complicated. Hanging out has all of the benefits of dates without dating obligations.

    Which includes the following:

    * Having to pay for anything.
    * Initiate communication after the event.
    * Phone etiquette isn’t required.
    * Don’t have to pick up nor drop off other person.

    Even though there aren’t any obligations other than showing up, I’d still advise to stay on your best behavior. Also, Hanging out is only available BEFORE the 1st date anything after that is now considered official date unless specified otherwise. That being said, use the hanging out tag AMAP and make it clear that you just want to « hang out ».

  2. Hanging out seems more casual. Maybe at home watching movies, getting takeout. Going on a date would mean being out. Movies, dinner, shows, parks

  3. I know its easier said than done, but when someone explicitly asks if its a date or mentions that a date is their intention, that is honestly what separates it from me. I wouldn’t go around assuming that hang outs are dates because you don’t want to accidentally step out of boundaries during them.

  4. To be a date, it has to have at least 2 of the following 3:

    1. Entertainment
    2. Dinner
    3. Affection

    And it needs to be directed towards romance, so dinner and a movie with friends would not count.

  5. You could do the same exact activities on either. But the way I see it, hanging out is casual whereas a date has romantic intentions and requires a little more effort as far as how you dress and behave.

  6. One word to sum it up: intentions.

    You hang out to have a good time with a nice person; you go on a date with romantic goals.

    Can overlap though.

  7. It’s really dependent on the person. Some people consider hanging out and a date the same thing, and others see them as completely different things. Personally, I take hanging out as “I want to get to know you” and figure out the person and a date as “things are heading into more of a romantic situation”

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