Dating : What is the most hurtful thing a significant other has ever said to you?

Dating : What is the most hurtful thing a significant other has ever said to you?

Mine was that my ex once told me « shut the fuck up, I hate when you fucking sing. » I’m sure that’s minor compared to some, but it was really out of character for him and it was really out of the blue, so it really hurt my feelings.

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  1. When my now ex broke up with me over text she told me I’d never earned anything in my life because I grew up in a family that wasn’t destitute and I’d never *had* to work to earn my degrees (getting my MBA next spring). I only *chose* to get what I worked for, therefore it wasn’t valid.

    For context, I grew up in a family that was middle class that barely scraped enough money to send my twin brother and I to private grade school and myself to private high school. By no means were we living large but we were comfortable enough as far as I’m aware.

    Also, she suffers from multiple depression and anxiety issues which is probably what led to that outburst and definitely led to our breakup.

  2. I was told “you’re acting just as crazy as your mom.”

    My ex knew the type of emotional abuse my mother put me through and continued to gaslight me until the end of our relationship. Thank god that’s over!

  3. Mine was « I was never happy with you. » in response to me discovering she was cheating, and her breaking up with me after 2 years together of some of the most positive experiences of my life.

  4. You don’t deserve to be loved. » This was after the fact he had beat me up in the morning for supposedly taking his cigarettes when it was his mom who did it. I don’t even smoke those nasty things.

  5. I was told both that I was a bad person for enjoying marijuana and alcohol and that she would like it if I was two inches taller in the same 3 minutes, I don’t understand why she would say something like that but I decided to end it a week later.

  6. I’ve got you all beat.
    My ex told me the following things:
    « Your parents don’t love you, your dogs don’t love you, nobody loves you and nobody ever could »
    Also the night we broke up he told me:
    « I hope someone rapes you physically and mentally » 🙂

  7. I don’t love you anymore and haven’t for the last 6 month. Then just left and broke of all contact after 13 years.

    Took me years to figure out what went wrong. I mean the signs were obvious.

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