Dating : what is wrong with me?

Dating : what is wrong with me?

i tend to over analyze things and feel like i’m just going to get hurt in the end. Since the beginning of my relationship i always questioned my feelings and i just feel like that isn’t normal. I want to be with him and make more memories but i also want him romantically but sometimes that changes. I hate it sm and honestly i don’t think i know what i want, i just don’t want to be alone again…besides he makes me happy

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  1. You probably are going to get hurt in the end. I’ve slept with over a hundred women in my life and I’ve had 20 wonderful relationships. And when it ended with every single one of those wonderful women, I was MISERABLE.

    But if I didn’t love them, it wouldn’t have hurt. The hotter the hots, the colder the colds and I love the pain of a break-up because it means that relationship was REALLY good.

    So go have fun. It’s better than sitting in your room alone anyway.

  2. I need more information

    How long do you know him, how long after did you start dating, how long after you started dating did you initiate a relationship, who initiated the relationship, why does your wanting him romantically change and what would you have wanted, instead?

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