Dating : What is your best « I ran into my ex » story?

Dating : What is your best « I ran into my ex » story?

Last night I was in a 12′ x 20′ room with my ex, a partner from a one night stand, and a former friend with whom some long term sexual tension lead to a hookup and subsequently disastrous falling out. Nothing eventful happened, but boy was the moment ripe!!


Tell me your stories!!

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  1. On party wagon in Nashville. Well, i can confirm she wasn’t happy to see me at her bachelorette party 500 miles from where we both live.

  2. I went camping four and a half hours from my home. Rolled onto the beach late at night, grabbed one of the last open spots. Woke up the next morning and emerged from the tent to see my ex husband and his new wife making coffee next to me. I was all smiles and waves before turning back around and cursing my life.

  3. I was getting on the train to go home from my friend’s house one morning, which is an hour long ride back to the suburbs from the city.

    I sit down on the train next to somebody I can only see from my peripheral. Then I heard him say my name.

    My ex from nine years ago was sitting there, in a police uniform leaving his shift. We had a terrible break up that involved him stalking me and my new boyfriend for months until he eventually moved on and got back with his ex-wife. I Barely recognized him. He’d gained weight and his uniform was shabby looking, looked like somebody who’s given up on life.

    Turns out he’s now a full blown right wing fuck who’s extraordinarily miserable (still with the wife), so we spent most of the train ride debating about why a woman would want an abortion and why lower income people might need job training programs. He hates humanity so I don’t think I got very far.

    As I was leaving he asked me if I had the same phone number and without thinking I said “yeah “

    He texted me an hour later and ignored it. Scum bag.

  4. I broke all contact with my ex when I found out he cheated on me. First time we made eye to eye I could tell he expected me to lose it, argue, scream, slap him, you name it. I just glanced away and moved along

  5. 1 year after our breakup my ex and we had to sit next to each other at our uni graduation. There is a lot of waiting around and stuff in those types of things so we literally had to have 3 hours of polite small talk. We didn’t end on bad terms exactly but it wasn’t on the best either it was just an AWKWARD breakup where we just quit all communication.
    but OUT OF ALL THE PEOPLE GRADUATING that day (literally hundreds) they put as two together? It was like it was my uni’s final fuck your before I left Hahahaha

  6. I was coming back home from my birthday party and my ex was parked outside my apartment. She told me she remembered it was my birthday and wanted to return few things she took by mistake when she left my place and wish me best luck in finding somebody else and if I need anything she was one phone call away. It’s been 6 months since and we haven’t see each other again. But I heard she’s getting married some time next year.

  7. A friend and I recently switched tinder accounts. I took over her’s and she took over mine to freshen things up a bit. After about two days she sends me a screen shot of a match with one of my ex-girlfriends! In the message she sent to her, she explained that we had switched accounts and that she thought her and I would be a good match and continued to explain a few like able facts about me. My ex-girlfriend replied saying that she already knew all of this and is an ex-girlfriend if mine. Haha. My friend quickly ended the chat with her.
    I live in a city of about 4 million people. The chances of this happening are very surprising to say the least!

  8. disclaimer:My ex cheated on me the entire time we were together and i didn’t know until after. I cried about him for a week until my friend told me he was cheating on me and my ex admitted to it when i asked him.
    When i was coming home at about 5:30-6 am from a night of drinking with my friends, i started puking in my neighbors bushes, as you do, because i thought it was my house. Well since my ex lived right by me and was in cross country, he came running by and screamed my name waving at me. Here my ex was jogging in the morning being healthy and whatever while i was literally throwing up in my neighbors rose bush. Of course he asked why i was throwing up outside in the morning, as if this asshole couldn’t guess, so i basically just said “fuck you” and went inside.

  9. He wasn’t an ex, but an unexpected one night stand I met on Tinder. He essentially love bombed me into having sex with him and proceeded to ghost me whilst refusing to give back the rain boots I left at his house. Two weeks after we last saw each other, I ran into him at a bar. He was with friends and I went up to him to confront him for ghosting me after making it seem like he wanted me to be his girlfriend. He tried to hug me as if nothing happened and I then put him on blast in front of his friends. It was awkward for his friends and tbh that was the point.

    Not even three weeks after that, I ran into him again! This time at a live music event. I typically dress very girly; heels and makeup and the whole nine yards. I happened to be talking to this cute guy who was super into me and his cousin. I was genuinely having a good time until he showed up with a guy friend. The look on his face was admittedly satisfying. I didn’t approach him and never saw him again. Never got my rain boots back either but oh well.

  10. Girl A (26) dumped my ass for a rich restaurant owner. Over Christmas I met a 21 year old aspiring model and took her to the Mercedes Benz Gala where they announce your names as you walk in. I’m in the car biz, so was Girl A (different dealerships). Girl B and I look like something out of Hollywood – or so the announcer said. Watching Girl A’s expression as I had Girl B on my arm looking like two million bucks ($1 mil for each of us) felt pretty amazing. Two months later Mr moneybags catches Girl A doing a nooner in his house with another dude. Girl B decided I was too old for her but she was arm candy anyway.

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