Dating : What is your biggest dating challenge?

Dating : What is your biggest dating challenge?

Hi guys!


I’m curious, what is the biggest challenge you are currently facing in your dating lives?


Please comment and perhaps we can help each other!

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What do you think?

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  1. Just getting a date.

    Not attractive enough for the cold approach to work. Not rich enough for anyone to ignore my looks. Dating apps are useless. Online dating failed completely (not a single profile view). No social circle. And a hobby that has no clubs or regular activities in this city.

    Oh, and I’m old. So it’s not like there are lot of women who are both single and looking for something by this point anyway.

  2. My biggest challenge is that I get nervous and I am unable to have a conversation that last more than a few sentences then I drop the ball stare blankly forget everything about myself. I’m a great first date

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