Dating : What is your reason as to WHY you want to date?

Dating : What is your reason as to WHY you want to date?

**He/She who has a why to live can bear almost any how.**

When you **have a powerful why** it can help you get through the rejections, setbacks, and disappointments that people face in the dating world.

So I asked the question: **What is your reason as to WHY you want to date in your life?**

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What do you think?

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  1. I want a to start a family.

    Yes, i know i should be a « strong independent woman who don’t need no maynnn » and NO i do not tell people this on the first date. Its just my little secret thoughts that i have when im getting to know someone nice.

    I *want* to be a mom, its not something im ashamed of. I really love kids. If i can’t have kids thats cool too, but i want to create my family in some way, whether it be adoption or just having a house full of puppies (what an amazing thought…)

    I reached my career aspirations, travelled, had fun dating casually and developing new friendships and bonds along the way. I got published in books, dated some super duper losers, had my heart broken, learned to pick myself up, learned to love myself. Life has been full, painful, joyful…

    I think i’d do a good job as a mom, its not a loneliness thing, or needing unconditional love, i just really feel ready for the adventure of parenthood, not desperate for it, just…ready. I want to find a human who would not only be a really fantastic partner, but also have characteristics that makes them a good parent. I want to date because I want to settle down. Not because I felt lonely, or horny… which are also perfectly good reasons to date too.

    I want a partner that is ready to think about that kind of stuff, ready to address whether our priorities line up. I want to sit on the couch and have an average Wednesday night and plan little birthday parties together, and buy a family dog, and laugh about the things our kids say and take care of each of our parents in their old age, as a team.

    Sometimes this emotion comes in waves, sometimes it doesn’t bother me at all.

    But whats why i want to date. I want to date to fall in love, and produce even more from that love.

  2. I ask this question to myself because it’s so weird that my mind realizes how it’s not really that but important to be dating or being in love right now at the same time I feel miserable for being alone and not having someone to love and being loved, someine to confide into. This need of having a living person in life who is like a home where you can just go back to no matter the fcuked the life is never goes.
    To more specific to your question I’ll just say what I feel sometimes is that there is this intense void that just doesn’t go no matter how good you’re doing in your life no matter how many friends you have. It just follows you everywhere and eats u up. I mean you’re happy but never really happy by whole heart!

  3. I’m not looking for someone to cheer me up, to lean on or to love for the sake of a Disney fantasy. I’d just like to have someone I’m close with, whom I can express myself freely to, and who enjoys sharing thenselves with me and vice versa. Why dating as comoared to a friend? Because I want to put a littoe more effort in and also share physical intimacy. I think that makes dating a lot more tolerable, as it limits the rose tinted goggles, and its pretty easy for me to see if the person I’m on a date with could fill the shoes I’m looking for. Of course, when considering a long distance relationship a lot more goes into it.

  4. Besides loving the girl I’m with, I want people to see the rumors aren’t true. I’ve had 2 Exs in high school and they’ve given me a bad rep by not telling the full story so many mutual friends I had see me differently now.

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