Dating : What should I do? tell me

Dating : What should I do? tell me

I am 22 years old, I am an ordinary girl, someone says even beautiful. But sometimes I have problems communicating with men my age. I think it’s either me or my peers. Older men have clear goals and plans. Am I normal?

What do you think?


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  1. >older men have clear goals and plans.

    This is how you get groomed. Watch your back because this is not always true.

    Age does not equal life together or maturity.

  2. There’s guys like me (low 20’s) who know what they want. You’re either impatient, or running into emotionally immature men, of which can range in age.

    So while yes, many older guys have ‘clear goals and plans’ because they’ve already lived majority of their lives, it’s also you either being impatient or telling yourself older men are better for you, which seems stupid to me considering there are guys in their 20’s who do know what they want.

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