Dating : What to do now, instagram crush and summer

Dating : What to do now, instagram crush and summer

Well lets start with im a male and during the last year one girl in the gym just keep to look at me, smile at me, and exchanging long stares between each other, and even having a lot of oppurtinities to talk with her i didnt while i was extremely open with every other person in the gym …

The reality is i acted like a pussy, and never approached her, one way or another, but still im a pussy….

Right now i found her on instagram, asking one friend about her, she has a private account, and i m wondering should i add her on insta…

There are two opportunities : i wait till the summer get over, and the gym reopenes and start talking to her, and build from there, or follow her and start to chat with her…

BUT, i dont know what to say to her, expecially knowing the fact that for ages i didnt talked with her, while she was giving me all this stares, smiles ecc…

One main reason i didnt approach her cuz she was under 18, and now she is 18,legal in my country, so what should i do in your opinion….

What do you think?


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  1. Don’t reach out via Instagram bc that gives out a real creepy vibe (I think most people would agree).

    If you see her at the gym, talk to her!! Say anything like “are you done with the weights” or “you have a cool water bottle” ANYTHING (maybe not “I found your insta bc I think you’re pretty)

  2. Everyone else can chime in with his or her opinion but in general for a man I would strongly suggest avoiding first contact through social media.
    Edge case where appropriate would be if you truly believe she had interest in you but did not have a good opportunity to express it.

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