Dating : What was the worst « He stole my girlfriend » moment you ever had ?

Dating : What was the worst « He stole my girlfriend » moment you ever had ?

As the title says, what was the worst « He stole my girlfriend » moment you ever had ?

Share your experience 🙂

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  1. I took this girl i was crushing on badly to a party. (we dated for a bit then she broke up then we remained friends)

    long story short. the very minute we were walking through the party. This other dude grabbed her and yanked her into the bathroom.

    never felt so emasculated in my life…..

    cause I figured out. I was simply a driver to get her to her dick appointment

  2. Oh boy do I have a good one…

    In my first year of college I matched with a girl on Tinder from a university in another city about an hour away. Yeah my college was in a smaller city there weren’t many option so I had to keep my distance up lol. She was really cool and we got along really well. She didn’t have a car so we kept trying to plan a weekend where I could drive up and meet her but our timing just never worked out that we were both free at the same time. The one time it did work out and I was all excited to go see her my front right brake caliper seized up so my truck had to get fixed which really screwed up my plans. By that point the school year was pretty much over anyway and we were going back home for the summer where we’d be like 5 hours apart instead of just one so I figured it was kind of a lost cause at this point.

    Second year of college rolls around and I decided to text her again, I assumed she had probably found someone else by then but I figured I may as well try. Turns out she was still single, I had to remind her who I was cause she had kinda forgotten about me but when she remembered she was really excited to meet me and we made plans. I was actually kinda worried I was gonna get murdered when I went to meet her because she just dropped her address and told me to come to her house rather than meet me somewhere public but when I showed up there she was, and honestly I was reverse catfished on this one. She’s a really good looking girl but she does not know how to take good pictures of herself because yeah she was cute on Tinder but in person, holy shit… We really hit it off on the first date and I went up to see her a few more times after that.

    Eventually when I actually felt like this was going somewhere I finally decided to reveal her to my friends and roommates so I wouldn’t have to keep coming up with excuses as to why I was disappearing on weekends. I couldn’t actually bring her down to meet them but I did tell them about her and showed them her Instagram and stuff. One of my friends somehow got her Snapchat, I think off my phone while I was in the washroom, and unbeknown to me started talking to her. She didn’t think anything of it since a few more of my friends followed her Instagram and she thought I knew about it which I obviously didn’t. She did mention it to me a handful of times but she never really let on the full extent of what was going on I guess because she didn’t want to ruin our friendship or something.

    Anyway what was going on behind my back was he was telling her all sorts of made up stories about me saying I was a huge womaniser and that I only wanted her for sex and that I was banging the girl that lived across the street from me every night. This one was especially convincing because the girl across the street from me was actually a really close friend of mine and one night I was over at her place and she passed out drunk on me while I was sitting on her couch, he had a picture of this which he sent to the girl I was talking to and said that we fucked later that night. I guess she didn’t feel comfortable bringing it up directly with me for fear of causing a fight between me and my friend but she did start to distance herself from me a little.

    One night my friends and I are driving up to her city to go to a big night club there and I asked if she wanted to tag along and actually meet my friends in person, she agreed and we picked her up along the way. She seemed a little off that night, like not her usual bubbly self and she disappeared part way through the night. I found her upstairs on the balcony this place had overlooking the dance floor and went to talk to her. She seemed upset about something like she was gonna cry and kept telling me not to let her bring my night down and to go have fun with my friends. I told her that coming here was my friends’ idea and I only came because I wanted to see her. That’s when it finally came out, she had met someone else. She was under the impression that I knew about this and was ok with just being friends which obviously I had no idea about any of this.

    Turns out what had happened when she met the new guy was she had asked my friend to tell me since she thought I would take it better from him rather than her. He agreed and told her that he had told me and that I understood and said we could still be friends, of course that conversation never happened. All this time he had been telling her all these things about me that were making her lose interest in me and finally when she realised I didn’t know about her new boyfriend it clicked in her mind what my friend had been doing and she felt terrible for just blowing me off like that but it was too late by that point.

    The worst part is, my friend never spoke a word to her in person. That night was the first time they met and he couldn’t even look at her let alone speak to her. He had done all this work to set me up as the bad guy and made no attempt at all to steal her from me, only screw up my relationship. I think I would actually be less angry about it if he had sex with her because at least then he would have accomplished something but nope, he did not benefit from this in the slightest. Like I’m not advocating sabotaging relationships but if you’re gonna do it, at least fuck the girl…

    The girl and I are still friends and later in my college career I ended up living in her city and I met up with her a couple of times, she’s still with the same guy though.

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