Dating : What’s the best rejection text you’ve ever received from someone?

Dating : What’s the best rejection text you’ve ever received from someone?

IMHO, flat out rejecting someone is always better than just ghosting. Just curious, what’s the best text you’ve gotten from a date/crush turning you down nicely?

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  1. I received this very shortly after a first date:

    « Hey ______ ! I just wanted to thank you again but I also want to be honest with you because you’re such a nice guy. I didn’t really feel a connection, we have very different passions and interests. I’m sorry but I hope things work out for you 🙂 »

    Nothing really remarkable here, but I thought it was a perfectly pleasant way to tell me there was no interest.

  2. I just say that it was nice to meet the person, but I didn’t feel the spark that I’m looking for. I wish them the best of luck, and that’s that.

  3. I went on 3 dates with a guy and I t was basically “hey I’ve been thinking about this a lot. With our different schedules and the distance I don’t think I want to pursue anything further. I have had a great time and loved getting to know you, and will always remember that!” I work Wednesday-Sunday and he’s a Monday-Friday guy, and he lives in a suburb across the city (35-45 minute drive) so it made sense, and the message was actually very nice!

  4. I didn’t receive.

    I sent this just a few days ago:

    “Hey ________ It’s going okay

    So while I do think ur attractive, I am going to be MIA for a while with __________ and i just don’t have time nor do I wanna waste any of yours since I think I’m going to have time for myself for a while”

    It’s actually true, I’m not lying. And it’s not turning down I guess? Like I’m still kind of interested but I don’t really want to pursue anything right now.

    But I still wanted to be polite and not ghost even if we never met.

  5. Wouldent know. All i ever get i ghosted. Would also be ok if one female would have the guts to just tell me to fuck off. Or kick me in the balls. I fell that would hurt way less

  6. I received this one after he left me hanging for a few days and o btw he is still following me on social media:
    « Hey. Sorry to have gone quiet for so long. I’ve been thinking over this whole thing and with the way my schedule has been and the way this weekend went down I just don’t think I can commit to anything right now. I know you wanted me to be real. You seem like a really great person and I hope you find something soon. »

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