Dating : What’s the best thing to do when you are being ignored or get short replies through texting ?

Dating : What’s the best thing to do when you are being ignored or get short replies through texting ?

Backstory : I’ve been flirting with this girl for about a week , since we see each other every day things were moving pretty fast , which made me ask her for date to which she said yes and the date went pretty well ,I’ve been talking to her on the phone and texting her every day

the problem is today, her responses to my texts became short and doesn’t follow up with questions or engage in the conversation
Which is not her at all , she always responds with enthusiasm and engage
Also yesterday I made a sarcastic joke but she responded that I am a liar , I brushed it off by thinking that she was joking but she was pretty hard on calling me a liar

Today I think her behaviour links to calling me a liar
My question is : should I ask her what’s wrong or if she wants to talk to me about it
Or just ignore her and move on since I dont care if she ignores me but I’d like to know the source of this behaviour .thanks

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  1. Stop texting her .. and if she doesn’t text either (which she probably won’t) then it’s over.


    Fairly simple actually.

  2. Several questions:

    1) How old are you two?

    2) Are you trying to date her or be her girlfriend?

    3) What about the other women (girls) that you’re connecting with??

  3. Move on. You’ll not get the closure you’re after and you’ll only annoy her more and make yourself look clingy. IMO she sounds a bit rude and confrontational, especially so early on

  4. She just got tired of constantly texting everyday. You should never fo that while dating, only use the phone to set dates and talk in person. Back away for now, not abruptly but slowly ease away while still showing interest, then keep making dates. Give her the gift of missing you.

  5. Stop responding. If the responses are constantly only 1-3 words and sporadic they arent interested. Stop wasting time on uninterested people.

  6. For starters – unless shes in a physically/mental health traumatic time… you shouldn’t be texting no girl all day everyday. find a life bro

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