Dating : When or even if to follow up…?

Dating : When or even if to follow up…?

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So I 24F went on a wonderful date with a great guy 28M last weekend. We met on bumble, seemed to hit it off quickly and texted each other a lot up until our date. The date went great and lasted for close to 5 hours – way longer than I’d expected! He drove me home and we kissed. He followed up the next day and everything seemed fine.

However, the day after that he told me our date had brought up unresolved feelings about his ex and he didn’t want to mix me up into it. He still wanted to be friends, but I declined because I knew I would always want something more. I told him he could call me when he was ready or wanted to go out again. He didn’t reply.

So depending on whether or not I’ve found someone else, what is an appropriate amount of time to wait to reach out again? Several weeks, several months, half a year? I think his last relationship lasted a year or two.

Or, should I just totally move on and forget it? (By not replying, maybe he was just trying to let me down easy…?)

Time just seemed to fly by with him, which is rare for me.

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What do you think?

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  1. hmmm, well first of all, I think it’s great he’s so open and honest about his true feelings. That’s not too common these days.

    However, I wouldn’t wait too long. A month at max. You were on one date so far and if he’s still unsure by then that means the desire for his ex is still going pretty strong.

    I wouldn’t want to date someone who’s still hot for their ex.

  2. By not replying you’re thinking about him. This is by far the most effective method of getting a girl interested in me. There’s something you need to understand; you are not the center of his world. He could have a busy job or other girls interested in him. If he is such a great guy then he has options. The trick is for you to make him think you are the best option.

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