Dating : Who was in the wrong? Can I fix this?

Dating : Who was in the wrong? Can I fix this?

So I(20m) met a girl(20f) on tinder and we’re hanging out for 3 months. She said she was bisexual and had a girlfriend for 3.5 years tho. I hung out with her 20 times and she always seemed to like drinking but I didn’t know how much. She even wanted to get drunk on our first date because it made her less shy. Also she said she’s never had sex with a guy.

Anyway there were never really vibes that were romantic coming from her unless we we’re drunk. The first time we kissed we were drunk and the next morning she said she was embarrassed and didn’t remember it. But we continued to talk and hang out afterwords.

So a last I helped her move back in with her parents house because her place she was renting got foreclosed. We got drunk and did karaoke 2 nights before but before we did I asked her if we should drink and if we do we can’t do anything regretable like making out last time we were drunk. Anyway, we ended up making out drunk a bunch. But then after I helped her move I was driving her home and I wanted to kiss her and I was going to but she didn’t want to and said « you said it wouldn’t be like this » and she said alcohol just makes her do stuff. And I teared up and said that maybe we shouldn’t drink together anymore then. And I said she seemed to only like me when she’s drunk and she’s embarrassed with me sober. She said it felt like we broke up even tho we weren’t dating. She also said she was unsure of who she is and doesn’t know if she likes men yet. I waited 5 days to hit her up and ask if she wanted to hang out and she said she thinks it’s best if we don’t hang out or talk anymore. When she was drunk she told me « the real person people want to be comes out when they’re drunk » and « I probably drink too much ».

Anyway I’m blocked on everything now and I know why but idk how to get over her. I’ve cried every day and need help. I actually had genuine feelings for her and while they weren’t reciprocated I still want her to get better. And not only that, I lost her as a friend too.

I met a girl who I now have feelings for, who seems to have a drinking problem, and only likes me when she’s drunk. I called her out on it and now I’m blocked even tho I cared. Please give me advice.

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  1. Kevin Smith made a documentary about your situation called « Chasing Amy ». She has blocked you, she wants no contact, it’s over and done. Do not pursue her or you could get yourself a restraining order. This is a loss and it hurts and I am sorry, but you need to move past this, cut losses.

  2. Brother you’re still young and so is this girl. She sounds like she is very confused and is trying to figure out who and what she is. On top of that she is handling it poorly by getting black out drunk and doing things she isnt comfortable with when she is sober.

    You need to back away and understand that this has nothing to do with you, so dont take it personally. If you like her, let her go. This situation will get worse and worse and worse and she will go back and fourth with you. The drunk her will be what you want, somewhat, the sober one wants nothing to do with you. Theres no way for you to help her either, she ha s to do it on her own.

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