Dating : Why do girls like guys who look like this?

Dating : Why do girls like guys who look like this?

Recently, I was rejected by the most beautiful women I had ever met. She has a gorgeous body at 5’10” and loves to go to the gym. She’s also got long blond hair and is 32 years old.

She was not kidding when she told me on day one that she prefers her man to be big, bald, and very hairy. She showed me the picture below as an example.

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  1. Either he’s hung like a horse or has more money than God. Or both. Either way I suppose it gives a slight glimmer of hope to the rest of us.

  2. Some girls love hairy dudes. It’s a preference– oooh big shocker, people have preferences! Just because you don’t think somebody is attractive, doesn’t mean somebody else (even somebody you think is attractive) won’t.

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