Dating : Why don’t we associate Germany with gorgeous women (esp with seductive bodies)?

Dating : Why don’t we associate Germany with gorgeous women (esp with seductive bodies)?

The stereotype always go is that France, Italy, Spain, and esp Sweden have dead drop gorgeous women. Hell even UK which often gets the hack for having the average of ugliest people in the world, have some really stunning celebrities who made it big in the USA and the rest of the world for their gorgeousness such as Catherine Zeta Jones!

But I notice Germany is never associated with stunning people on the international scene, even in America with its huge amounts of German descended people (as a fair number of our movie stars have German surnames or names that have been Anglicized from German origin).

Why is this? Without bringing celebrities into this, the infamous exorcism of Anneliese Michel is an example where the victim of this incident, Michel herself, was very pretty! To avoid getting this post removed, I will just say some of the biggest XXX stars I have fantasies with are German (or were living in German at the height of their career and had German citizenship)! If we live it to mainstream celebrities, Marlene Dietrich and while an American Diane Kruger (who was born in Germany and had a career in Germany before getting fame in America).

I will stop here before I start listing my favs lol. But I have to ask why not just America but in the international scene we don’t tend to associate German women with sexiness and beauty the way we tend to do with French, Italian, Spanish, and Sweden (esp since the last is considered the embodiment of the « aryan superhuman » archetype!)?

I swear the most beautiful women I ever known both irl and celebrities were German or Americans of mostly German descent! And not every Aryan looking but most were dark eyed brunettes!

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  1. When i visited ger in 04, we got in late. We found a place to eat open late. Diner like place, nothing fancy. They kept the front door open. It was a pleasant night, and it started to drizzle. The 3 german waitresses suddenly ran outside and got a little wet and giggled and laughed. Then came back n and got back to work. They were beautiful. Ill never forget that.

  2. This is gonna be a little fucked up because I was thinking of sex while at Auschwitz.. ANYWAYS, When I went to Auchswitz there was a group of tourists from some Scandinavian country. Long story short, I lost track of my group cuz of all those juicy asses. It’s a day I will never forget.

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